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Consolidate and automate your business process, operations & IT systems and smart city to manage to finish.


Why Zmart

Providing you the right technology to empower your business, gain flexibility and agility for connecting, securing, managing, and analyzing data for a seamless, efficient & thriving connected world.

Powering visibility control on business process automation, IoT, industry 4.0, IPTV/Multimedia, and smart city & homes..


Zmart IOT Solutions

Explore our platform that enables your connected devices to communicate with each other and with users.

  • Secures communication with IoT devices
  • Make IoT devices reachable and provides plausible data
  • Automates IoT device policy and vulnerability check
  • Tracks and revert changes on IoT devices

Zmart secure infrastructure solutions

A solution to monitor infrastructure for smart enterprise & city, industry 4.0 and any-to-any management.

  • VoIP, video, IPTV, media gateways
  • Devices with accessible metering indicators
  • Temperature monitors & control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Security & access monitors