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Fortrex is our unified cybersecurity operational resilience solution that ensures safety and privacy of critical data, integrity and availability...


Security Operations Center as-a-Service

It helps identify non-invasive vulnerabilities in your organization's entire system. It tracks changes and automates reinforcement so as to ward of any unauthorized access. Fortrex is a robust solution to securely monitor, analyze, investigate, respond and protect critical digital infrastructure for banks, fintech, and payment service providers as a security operations center as-a-service (SOCaaS for 24/7).

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    Policy, vulnerability & lifecycle management Compliance, performance, capacity & alarm monitoring

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    SOC program to monitor, detect, respond & recover/remediate critical infrastructure

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    Facility management (access systems, video cameras, and smart facility) Incident response, analytics and reporting.

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    Network components backup, restore, and config automation


Your Security Rating

Easily audit your organization-wide IT landscape for security risks and data breaches with LocateRisk.

  • KPI-based assessment of the IT security situation
  • Understandable presentation of cyber risk
  • Efficiency functions for fast optimization

Third-Party Risk Management

Reduce supply chain risks in your company through automated monitoring of third-party firms.

  • On-demand assessment of new business partners
  • Automated audit of IT and DSGVO compliance
  • Digitization of manual security processes