Telco/MSP, network monitoring & provisioning

Broadband Access Networks

Mobile Networks(3G/UMTS, LTE/4G, 5G)

LoRa Access Networks

Radio Networks(Point-to-Point)

Optical/SDH, Ethernet, IP/MPLS Aggregation

Optical, IP/MPLS Backbones


Voice/Soft Switch

Change & Config Management

Enterprise/IoT networks & application

Enterprises Industry 4.0 applications (Monitoring and Alarm Management)

Transport Companies (railway, bus and all public transportation)

Smart city, smart home infrastructure management

Retailers (supervision of cash register systems, video cameras, freeze systems, access systems, facility management)

Car Park Operators (utilization, allocation)

Facility Management Companies (access systems, video cameras, facility technology)

Utility Companies (smart metering, smart grid)

Police/Security (e.g. BodyCam)

Banks/Fintech/PSP infrastructure monitoring

Network components backup, restore and vulnerability management

Monitoring, visualization and performance management

Virtualized system monitoring and alarm management

Facility management (access systems, video cameras, smart facility)

Automation and capacity monitoring

Service and lifecycle management

Inventory management

Analytics and reporting

Visualization of VXLAN

More Services 

Billing solutions

  • Self-Service Automation
  • Service Provisioning
  • Service Performance/Fault Management
  • Service and Lifecycle Management
  • Service Change Request
  • Inventory Management
  • Alarm Management and “Root Cause“ analysis
  • Voice/Soft Switch
  • Consolidation of Management Tools

service desk
incident management

  • Self-Service Incident Logging
  • Ticket Creation (Incident/Service request)
  • Incident Categorization (prioritize & assign)
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • End User Engagement (chat, reply template)
  • Incident Resolution (1st, 2nd & 3rd Level support)
  • Incident Monitoring & Escalation

customer service whatsApp bot

  • Artificial intelligent based customer service system
  • Automated chat logging & response
  • first line of customer service support & transfer to live agent
  • Custom customer service chat work-flow
  • Intelligent response building
  • Automatic customer recognition
  • API end point for function extension

Unifed network & service management as-a-service

Consolidate & automate your business to finish

Security operational resilience as a service