Reporting To Finish With Miro

Dashboards & weather maps

Miro provides fast overview to complex services to gain the real-time network, services, systems status, dashboards, topology report and performance visibility you require, to show and demonstrate as the most efficient IT operations team and IT management.

  • Utilization & alarms
  • Services status
  • Service availability over time
  • Availability & topology
  • Capacity & trend
  • Netflow

Network, service & traffic analysis

Understand your network behavior and how users and applications consume resources historically, in real-time, and trend. just measure once and report many times.

  • Capacity planning, trends, SLA/OLA
  • Time-to-threshold monitoring
  • Quality-of-Service (QoS)
  • Network analysis & insights
  • cloud & VM monitoring
  • IoT & environment monitoring

Root-cause & impact analysis

Miro combines its real-time analysis system with a very efficient and automated root cause analysis system to shows the source of the network issues/problem, all affected devices and areas, and hereby allows very effective troubleshooting. it is based on both, fault and performance management data.

  • Alarm correlation & fault isolation
  • Stateful alarm monitoring
  • Quick isolation
  • Business impact/value assignment
  • Dynamic rule generation (DRG)

Policies, vulnerabilities & EoX

Miro performs policy checks on devices and systems, runs advanced multi-vendor device vulnerability identification. It has the capability to scan and analyze the inventory database, check device types, associated card types, and operating system software; for End-of-Life (EoL) & End-of-Service.

Unifed network & service management as-a-service

Consolidate & automate your business to finish

Security operational resilience as a service